Phone Survey

Our staff conduct these type of surveys over telephones. Respondents need to answer questions related to the research topic.

✓ Marketing research survey
✓ Financial research survey
✓ Data collecting survey
✓ Quality Control
✓ Voting Polls

Online Survey

This survey consists of survey question that can be easily deployed to the respondents online via email, or they can simply access the survey if they have an internet connection.

✓ Mail Surveys
✓ Whatsapp Survey
✓ Social Medial Survey
✓ SMS survey


Asurv ey is a research method used for collecting data from a predefined group of respondents to gain information and insights into various topics of interest. They can have multiple purposes, and researchers can conduct it in many ways depending on the methodology chosen and the study’s goal. In the year 2020, research is of extreme importance, and hence it’s essential for us to understand the benefits of social research for a target population using the right survey tool.

The data is usually obtained through the use of standardized procedures to ensure that each respondent can answer the questions at a level playing field to avoid biased opinions that could influence the outcome of the research or study. The process involves asking people for information through a questionnaire, which can be either online or offline. However, with the arrival of new technologies, it is common to distribute them using digital media such as social networks, email, QR codes, or URLs.

As an incentive for respondents to participate in such online research, businesses offer rewards like gift cards, reward points that they can redeem for goods or services later, free airline miles, discounts at gas stations, etc. Research studies with rewards are a win-win situation for both businesses and respondents.

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